December 21, 2008

My left eye.

I've got allergies. And once in a while I'll wake up in the middle of the night (why is it always in the middle of the night?!) with a swollen facial feature. Today's freaky facial feature is my left eye. Swollen. Shut. I look like I got into a really cool fight. Anyhow, looking in the mirror makes me sad. so I prefer to look at someone who doesn't look like a fight club reject.

Here are some Marilyn photos I really like, for sale online.

About the photo:
This rare one of a kind candid photograph was taken in the bleachers, while the director Joshua Logan, Marilyn & Milton were reviewing the site for the rodeo sequences in the film "Bus Stop". This original was a 35mm kodachrome, which was recently found in the bottom of a file cabinet and has never been seen until this time.
About the photo:
This image from the 'Ballerina' series, one of Milton & Marilyn's most recognized collaborations was taken in 1954 at Milton's New York City studio. Clothing designer, Ann Klein, sent various outfits to Milton's studio for Marilyn to wear, however all the outfits were 2 sizes too small. All of the poses in this sitting amusingly deal with Marilyn's problem of holding up the ill-fitting toule and satin dress. The most recognized image from this sitting was chosen as one of Time/Life's 3 most popular images of the 20th Century along with Albert Einstein & Winston Churchill.

Ed bought this photo. It's hanging in his bedroom.

About this photo:
A rare candid that Milton did of Marilyn in Los Angeles in 1954. This image shows her posing in front of her new caddy that was given to her by Jack Benny for appearing on his television show.

About this photo:
This image of Marilyn, admiring a primitive statue, was taken at producer Joseph Schenck's villa in October 1953, a month after Milton and Marilyn's first sitting.

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