December 25, 2008

12hrs of Bounty Hunt'in on Xmas Eve

If I could ask for anything for Xmas eve, it would be that the networks play something on TV for the rest of us that are sick of Xmas music, Xmas tv shows, and Xmas all together. A & E heard my prayer, and presented me with 12hrs of my favourite show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. After my own personal "bounty hunt" with an wallet full of $10 coupons at a certain organic food store that shall remain nameless, I parked myself infront of the TV with the chocolatly peacan fruites of my labour.

I love Dog's wife on the show, Beth. She's definetly my favourite "character". Unlike me, she embraces her womanly attributes, and I love her toughness and dedication to her family.

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