December 17, 2008

Bird photo of the day

He loves to sit on my monitor and talk to me. He speaks in English but it's not too clear what he's saying. He'll get it right one day. He just needs more practice.

December 16, 2008

Paid for blue, but got green.

This is my new "ish" budgie. I've had him for a year. The above photo was taken when he first came home. He was a baby and the cutest thing around. He let me touch him, rub his belly. The below photo was taken recently - a year later. He's got a receding hair line, his feathers changed from blue to green, he begs for table food by flying into my plate or landing on my fork, and has developed a bit of an attitude, & he bites. But he's curious about everything, he talks, he's playful and we love him!

He also needs a name. I'll have to come up with something soon, or he's going to think his name is "Did you poo on me?" Suggestions?