January 6, 2009

Surf Guitar

I don't play guitar or have any aspirations to learn, but I do love the way they look. If I were to collect guitars (and surfboards!) this is probably what I would get. Aren't they cool? Love the case, but I think it would look better without the girl on it.

From the website:

Legendary Surfer magazine publisher and much sought-after surf artist John Severson created a unique take on Southern California’s favorite pastime: surfing. Severson put his many years of experience from the ’60s to today into making his two Fender Sonoran SCE acoustics true works of art. Hang ten with the Surf Fever model (shown here)—inspired by the surf posters of yesteryear—or rev it up and go with the Woody. Each instrument features a maple neck, Stratocaster® guitar headstock shape, die-cast machine heads, Fender preamp, John Severson hang tag and Severson’s signature on the back of the headstock to create a truly cool look that’s all Fender!

See photos of it being played while surfing at SurferArt.com.

Swollen lip, again.

I woke up yesterday with a big ole swollen lip. Since I can't seem to remember to write it down on a calender every time it happens, I'll blog about it instead. Not much to say about it. I took a bunch of Benedryle and was just stoned the entire day. Eventually it will go away but there's still a little swollen bit left today. The skin on your face isn't supposed to be stretched like that. I'm a bit worried about getting stretch marks on my face. :P

Read all about this grossness here.