July 27, 2009

Dream Street Inspiration

I saw this car today while dropping off some books at the library. It reminded me of an image I have hanging in my darkroom by W. Eugene Smith called "Dream Street". So I drove home, grabbed my camera, and drove all the way back just to shoot this photo. It doesn't quite have the same feel as when I first saw it but it's the general idea. It's down a dead end street that turns into someone's driveway. The driveway is lined with trees that have their branches hanging over the road. But unfortunately my little camera can't capture the scene with the branches and the car, so I opted for a close up.

While I was in the neighborhood, I browsed through the library's historical garden. Apparently these are the same plants and flowers that could have been planted when the library was first built in 1851. Here are some bees being busy as bees.

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