February 3, 2009

From -17C to +30C in under 2 minutes.

That's what happened to me on Saturday at the Buffalo Zoo. It was bone chilling, tongue - sticking - to - pole - cold. But the zoo has a fantastic new indoor interactive rain forest exhibit that's hot and humid. Wouldn't want to be in there in the middle of a July heat wave, but on a snowy Buffalo afternoon, it's perfect. It's a giant greenhouse, with monkeys, anteaters, ocelots, capybaras, dwarf caimans, tons of free flight birds, plus a whole bunch of other animals. And the fun part is that every 15mins or so, it actually rains.

Here are some of my photos:

I can't believe how close I got to the elephants. That was pretty awesome. When I grow up, I want to be a zookeeper. :-)

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